wandering star (ghost_nymph) wrote in magick_medicine,
wandering star

rosemary spritz.

this sounds like a really lovely magic elixir, and it also helps with heart problems... especially congestive heart failure.

really easy recipe.

you need:
- fresh rosemary
- one bottle sweet white wine
- optional: a handful of fresh, washed raspberries

- simply de-cork, and put the washed rosemary in the wine
- re-cork and keep it refrigerated for 3 hours
- then remove the rosemary
- optional: add the raspberries for fruity taste!

consume within one week, 2 oz in the morning and 2 oz in late afternoon.

Properties of Rosemary Leaf-- Natural stimulating formula which helps promote liver function, the production of bile and aids in proper digestion, helping ease conditions like flatulent dyspepsia. It is also an antispasmodic which makes it useful for nervous conditions such as stress-related headaches. Powerful anti-oxidant and cardiac tonic. Helps to prevent damage to the heart from free radicals and other toxins. Helps regulate the blood pressure. Good for migraine headaches. Aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, stimulant, astringent, anti-spasmodic.
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