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Requesting Help

I am asking for all of you to send some extra Love & Light toawrds New Orleans area. Do your spells, your chants, say your prayers and rosaries, whatever you do best please!

I work for a private ambulance company in Illinois. Five of my coworkers have taken two rigs and gone south to help out in the relief efforts, etc. I do not know if they've had any preparation for this trip and all that they could possibly encounter (which is nothing remotly close to what we'd see here in the private sector).

I have done my magick, and will continue to do so each day that they are gone (the length of the stay is not clear right now) and until they are home safe. I am asking for help in sending strength and protection their way.

Please keep Barry, Ryan, Tim, Kristen, and Todd in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You!!

Brightest of Blessings to you and yours.

Always & All Ways,
Raven Moonsong
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