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Mixing & Pain

I have quite a few questions, and i did search the database and memories first, so please bear with me.

First i am planing on taking both Flax-seed oil and Primrose oil everyday. I haven't seen either way so i wanted to ask if anyone knew if there was a bad effect in mixing them (Also i take 100mgs of B-6 everyday already). I also wondered if there were any trust worthy online shops i can get them in pill form (only place close to me only sells herbs not pills or tinctures)

I also have a lady problem for which the doctors put me on vicodon and other such pain killers. Since my family has a history of addiction and i hate being retarded everytime i have to take them i was wondering if there were any pain rememdies anyone knew to be tried and true. I'm alergic to onions and spiders but that's it. And i can't remember anything i've had a bad reaction to. I've been trying things for a long time now and am willing to do almost anything to make it stop.

Thanks for your help

Sorry x-posted
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