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Magick at work...

So, awhile back I had some trouble at work with a coworker... he and I just did not get along... it was beyond loathing one another... my intuition would scream anytime I was within 5 feet of him... and AJ wasn't exactly fond of me either. For the first time in 3 years I requested to not work with someone ever no matter what. But somehow just asking to be kept away from him didn't seem to be enough... so...

I did what I could on the non-magickal realm... then, just for extra protection I created a spell. Now, for as much as I'd rather just banish this jackass to hell and back a time or two, I can't. So, instead, I wrote it so that his own energy would/will turn back on himself. Please let me know what you think of it. Thanks... here it is:

Lord and Lady protect me
From all harm seen and unseen.

At this time, within this hour,
I call upon The Trickster's Power.
Coyote and Loki, Heyokah too,
Hear me as I call to you.

Aid my magick - both guard and guide,
Let its aim be true - may he not hide.
Help teach him the lessons he must learn,
Within his own energy let him churn.

Bide the Wiccan Rede ye must,
In Perfect Love, In Perfect Trust.
Live ye must and let to live,
Fairly take and fairly give.

Ever mind the Rule of Three,
What ye send forth comes back to thee.
Three times bad or three times good,
Upon you fall as well it should.

Within a mirrored bubble thou shalt be,
That your actions reflect to affect only thee.
Protection for all your mirrored bubble lend,
From any negativity you cause, it will defend.

When of yourself you have had enough,
Either thou shalt bend, not be so tough -
By the rules you shall learn to play,
Or choose not to return another day.

By Karmic Law of Number Three,
This spell now tied and knotted be.
That it's contents stay together,
And cannot harm human, beast, or weather.

As I will,
So Mote It Be!

I know the rhythm isn't the best, but the words pretty much wrote themselves... by the third touch-up, it felt right. It seems to have worked fairly well... I have since found out he can only work so many hours or he loses his financial student aid so for the few hours he can work, my boss has done a good job of keeping us on opposite days. Today was the first day I've seen him in a few months and we didn't even say a word to one another... suits me just fine. And it seems a few other people chimed in with their opinions about him once they found out I'd said something to the two higher-up bosses... so he's got a few complaints against him now, not just mine.

Okay, that's all... I pray everyone has been safe and happy. Brightest of Blessings to you all!!!

Magickal EMT
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