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I finally did it...

Well, I finally had a situation (well, a for a second time actually) where I felt the strong urge to use a spell on a patient...

It was actually a few months back when the weather was still really crappy here in good old Chi-Town. The Pt was actually a DNR, but still, I didn't want him coding in the back of my rig while I was with him. I could only remember part of the spell I wanted to use, so I pulled out my Palm Pilot and pulled it up from the file I had it saved on just in case. The one I used was out of a Silver RavenWolf book (can't remember which one anymore) I modified it a little bit... I substituted ArchAngel Raphael for Aradia but left the rest the same. This is the spell I used:

Chant For All Emergency Medical Situations

Aradia walked before (the person's name)
and She saw (person's name)
lying in blood and pain.
She spoke and said: Thou shalt live, thou shalt live, thou shalt live
And it was done.
In the name of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
And the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
So mote it be.

It seemed to have worked because his V/S started to return to his normal area and his breathing picked back up. Most of all it made me feel calmer too. I could feel Raphael surround the rig to protect us as we traveled the still really snowy roads into downtown. Good thing Raphael is the ArchAngel for travellers too! :-)

Well, there you have it. Has anyone else had to do something like that?? If so, please, feel free to share as much as you're comfortable with.

Blessed Be!
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