Raven Moonsong (magickal_emt) wrote in magick_medicine,
Raven Moonsong

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First EMS Related Question...

Merry Meet!

The biggest question I'm wanting to ask is have you ever found yourself wanting to use a spell in the back of the ambulance with a really bad patient??

I once T/P a guy who was bleeding really badly from his dialysis shunt and the nursing home staff managed to give him heparin! He only took about 3 minutes to completely bleed through a trauma dressing... I so badly wanted to use a blood-stopping charm I knew, but wasn't sure if it was ethical or not so I didn't... but boy did I want to... what would you have done? I'm just so curious as to what someone else would have done in that situation...

Till next time... Merry Part and Brightest of Blessings!
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