February 15th, 2005



I have two problems one a relative of mine has really bad headaces that center around her face. Shes been in and out of doctors and cat scan and other fun stuff but no one really knows whats wrong with her. so she finnally came to me and asked if i could do something to just mask or relax the symtems. The only thing i can think of is a pepermint tea with spearement, lavendar kava kava and white willow. (worked very well on my sinus headaches) Any better suggestions?

the other is that usually im a very calm unagressive person. and if i really need to calm down i make myself some chamomile,catnip,rose, and jasmine tea (more then just tastey) unfortunitly a person that i have recently been forced to have more or less regular contact with (once every week and a half or so) and under the circumsdances losing it is not an option. I had a real problem with that when i was a kid and have greatly calmed down due to meditation and my teas but this is not helping now and i dont know what to do.
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