rosemary spritz.

this sounds like a really lovely magic elixir, and it also helps with heart problems... especially congestive heart failure.

really easy recipe.

you need:
- fresh rosemary
- one bottle sweet white wine
- optional: a handful of fresh, washed raspberries

- simply de-cork, and put the washed rosemary in the wine
- re-cork and keep it refrigerated for 3 hours
- then remove the rosemary
- optional: add the raspberries for fruity taste!

consume within one week, 2 oz in the morning and 2 oz in late afternoon.

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Hi everyone,
I don't really know if this is the best place to talk about this but I don't know where I could get some informations/advice.
Tonight my solar plexus is totally crazy. It's boilling, burning... the heat flow in my hole body. It's make me feel really hot... Normally I'm the kind of person who always feel a little bit cold... My aunt, remark that it's abnormally hot around me.

I would like to know: Why am I boilling like this? Is this good/bad. How could I stop it... It's not really hurting me but it's really make me feel weird...

please answer as soon as possible if you have any ideas...

thanks a lot for your help


Bonsoir tout le monde,
Je ne sais pas sil s'agit du meilleur endroit pour ecrire ca mais je ne connais pas vraiment d'autre endroit pour avoir ce genre d'information

Ce soir, j'Ai le plexus qui bouille... Ca devient absolument brulant au point ou la chaleur se transmet a tout le reste de mon corps... Normalement moi j'ai tjrs froid mais la... Ma coloc a remarque que cetait pas normal... qui fesait tres chaud pres de moi...

J'aimerais avoir des infos: a quoi c'est du, quest-ce que ca cache, est-ce bien/mal... Comment on arrete ca... C'est pas desagreable mais c troublant...

svp repondre le plus tot possible si vous avez une/plusieurs hypothese...
Merci de votre aide...


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First visit to this community, and I need some help!

Someone that I care about very much is struggling with some very pressing health issues, including depression, a degenerative condition that causes a great deal of pain in his back/neck, and a heart condition that was causing some frightening flare-ups yesterday.

He's doing everything he can and is seeking medical attention, but I'm genuinely worried for him. Can anyone suggest a potent healing spell that I can do to help him along the way?

Thanks in advance.
Circle of Healers

Request for Love and Light

I am posting this request for Love and Light on behalf of a friend of mine. I've been trying to work on him myself for a number of months now with minimal improvement. I am now asking for help in sending Love and Light and Healing Energy his way.

His name is Jim H and the area I've been trying to work on for him is his left shoulder. He had been out walking his dog (a decent size German Shepherd) one night when the dog pulled hard on his leash, yanking Jim's shoulder. At first it was just a dull ache, and now it's getting stiff to move in certain ways (he can't really lift it above the shoulder-line or do a circle front-to-back). We both think that the work I have done to date has perhaps helped keep it from getting any worse, but it hasn't helped him heal.

That's where we're turning to you for help. And mobility is important to his job as a Security Officer. Send your Healing Energy and all your Love and Light and anything else positive his way please. We would both appreciate it.

Please, if you have any thoughts on what else I could do to help him, please either answer this post direct, or you can contact me at

Thank you everyone!

Brightest of Blessings to you All!

Raven Moonsong
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New Community

A new community has been started. kitchwitchbooks is a community dedicated solely to reviews of books that would be of interest to Kitchen/Green/Hedge/Cottage Witches. If this sounds as if it would be of interest to you, please stop by and have a look. I look forward to seeing you there. :)
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Last Minute Holiday Gifts?

My company, Orenda Herbal, offers organic, all natural locally grown and handmade herbal health and body products. Many are small treats for Yule, others packaged in unique gift sets.

Come January we will also be featuring our Spirit line, which will include purification and divination sets (in addition to our already popular Dream Oil and Tea) and a Chakra line.

You can order online and I'll ship the same day. We also do herbal health, cooking, garden, and magic classes in Florida, as well as culinary, medicinal, and spiritual herb garden and landscape design and installation.

blessed be!

my intro

Good evening everyone.
I'm a [soon-to-be] former New York State EMT. I've been fascinated by medicine and healing since I was very young. I haven't worked as an EMT in quite a while due to an accident I had a couple of years ago.

Anyway, with my license expiring soon, I find myself longing to get back into a career involving medicine again. My back isn't in the shape it used to be, so I've been considering the possibility of returning to school for Nursing.
I was wondering if there were any nurses or nursing students here; it would be nice to have someone in this profession who follows a similar spiritual path. Thanks for your time.
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Circle of Healers

Requesting Help

I am asking for all of you to send some extra Love & Light toawrds New Orleans area. Do your spells, your chants, say your prayers and rosaries, whatever you do best please!

I work for a private ambulance company in Illinois. Five of my coworkers have taken two rigs and gone south to help out in the relief efforts, etc. I do not know if they've had any preparation for this trip and all that they could possibly encounter (which is nothing remotly close to what we'd see here in the private sector).

I have done my magick, and will continue to do so each day that they are gone (the length of the stay is not clear right now) and until they are home safe. I am asking for help in sending strength and protection their way.

Please keep Barry, Ryan, Tim, Kristen, and Todd in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You!!

Brightest of Blessings to you and yours.

Always & All Ways,
Raven Moonsong
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Mixing & Pain

I have quite a few questions, and i did search the database and memories first, so please bear with me.

First i am planing on taking both Flax-seed oil and Primrose oil everyday. I haven't seen either way so i wanted to ask if anyone knew if there was a bad effect in mixing them (Also i take 100mgs of B-6 everyday already). I also wondered if there were any trust worthy online shops i can get them in pill form (only place close to me only sells herbs not pills or tinctures)

I also have a lady problem for which the doctors put me on vicodon and other such pain killers. Since my family has a history of addiction and i hate being retarded everytime i have to take them i was wondering if there were any pain rememdies anyone knew to be tried and true. I'm alergic to onions and spiders but that's it. And i can't remember anything i've had a bad reaction to. I've been trying things for a long time now and am willing to do almost anything to make it stop.

Thanks for your help

Sorry x-posted
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What do you think of the FAR infrared saunas for Lymes Disease?

I discovered that you can buy a FAR infrared sauna for about 200 now. It's portable. I have found all kinds of testimonials from people who say it's helped their Lymes, but they are all at websites where someone wants you to buy their sauna.

Has anyone here had experience with a FAR infrared sauna? Did it help? Hurt? Was it a waste of money and time? What about using it with Lymes & Fibro Myalgia?